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For over twenty-five years, BTSR represents the international reference Partner for the major companies operating in the textile chain, from yarn preparation processes, to textile manufacturing.

The BTSR solutions include electronic sensors and smart systems aimed at meeting the most sophisticated requirements for what concerns the yarn running monitoring, feed tension keeping and main quality parameter control on any type of yarn – from the traditional ones to elastomers, glass fibers, carbon fibers – the BTSR trademark is recognized by the textile industry players, as synonymous with reliability and innovation.

BTSR represents a great value all over the world thanks to a widespread international distribution network, covering over 30 countries, and capable of assuring a qualified service throughout the major markets, from Europe to North/South America and all Far East.

BTSR Products

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Coil-Winding Technology Line

Coil-Winding Feeder represents a revolutionary new generation Wire Constant Tension Feeding device, unique in terms of functionality and performance, capable of adjusting with utmost accuracy the tension of the finest wire range in coil winding processes.


  • Tension profiler function (BTSR patent)

Possibility to program up to 3 different wire feeding tension values without any interface/ connection to the coil winding machine or up to 4 different wire feeding tension values dur- ing winding cycle, utilizing two digital coil winding machine output.

  • Double closed control loop system (BTSR patent)

Featuring simultaneous dual control on both wire feeding tension and wire running speed for a complete tension feeding control along the whole wire path (from the feeding bobbins to the final coil).

  • Programmable wire ‘storage and release capability (BTSR patent)

Able to manage sudden wire absorption or release during the working process and simultaneously keeping the wire feeding tension at the set value.

  • Full input digital motor torque control (BTSR patent)

Detect and adjust input feeding tension anomaly, warning and stopping process before wire could be damaged thus avoiding any bad quality production.

  • Pc link web coil software for Industry 4.0 (BTSR new technology)

Collect uniform data to monitor the entire production, ensuring an homogenous data collection also in case of new and old coil winding machines fleet.

  • App easy coil (BTSR Patent)

A unique Analysis & Forecast Solution for cost evaluation and forecast support in production planning.

Lacing Winding Feeder

The BTSR patented 'Winding Feeding' solution, is composed by a feeding device (winding feeder) placed out of the lacing machine and a tension yarn sensor (TFS).

The tension sensor is able to measure and feed-back the yarn tension value, thus allowing a real-time yarn constant tension value adjustment feed-back.

Winding Feeder.png

Minitron, Megatron, Gigatron

Minitron Gigatron Megatron_edited.png
  • ​Very Low Maintenance

Thanks to the “dual drive” positive feeding, none part creates friction on the wire thus avoiding mechanical wear, dusting etc..) thus no maintenance and spare parts replacement are required

  • Top Performance & Versatility

Single devices able to cover a wide range of tensions and wire diameters. Fully programmable parameters according to the wire requirements and possibility to dynamically modify the copper wire control tension according to the operating stage (‘Tension Profiler’ Function).

  • Maximize The Production Efficiency

Single device able to work at the maximum machine speed. Minimized machine operator time, thanks to advanced and user- friendly programming options.

  • Easy to Program and Monitor Data

The Matrix Touch Coil controller external unit is able to program and control MINITRON MEGATRON & GIGATRON units at a glance and monitoring the whole process production status even in graphical way.

Easy “plug & play” installation.

PC Link Studio.png

PC Link Web Coil

  • Allows to monitor, collect data and control the whole production of the coil winding machines park, which can be not necessarily homogeneous.

  • It is unique Industry 4.0 remote programming monitoring and evaluation tool. This smart wire feeding software has been created to ease the programming of BTSR products by means of a very intuitive interface, thus allowing on site monitoring, quality check, production monitoring forecast analysis.

  • All tranced data can be stored either on a local (stand-alone PC, through access database) or on your company distributed (SQL Server - SAP ETC) database. It is also fully compatible with iOS and Android devices as it based on web technology.

BTSR Videos

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