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The Power Controller v3 is a computerized industrial control unit housed in a robust stainless steel container, designed for automatic and semiautomatic management of heating cycles carried out using CEIA Power Cube Induction Generators and Optical Pyrometers


The generators have an ideal design for integration into automatic production systems. Space efficiency and simple operation also make these generators perfect for manual applications. All CEIA Power Cube Generators can be combined with the CEIA Net Master Controller, Power Controller, Master Controller and PHPC electronics units. They can even be interfaced with PCs or programmable controllers via their analog and RS-232 interfaces. Each HI-PE Generator is accompanied by a calibration report that certifies the stability of the output voltage coming from the heating head. 


CEIA offers a wide range of infrared optical sensors equipped with low-intensity LED aiming which cover a reading range from 80°C to 2000°C. The CEIA SH15/SLE Infrared Sensors can be connected to the Power and Master Controller V3 Units to accurately stabilize the heating process at the required temperature values. The reduced overall dimensions allow an easy integration of the pyrometer in automatic production systems.

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